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Transforming a David's Bridal Gown Into Couture

Goiania, GO - Brazil

How was my wedding?

Everything was perfect, I am never going to forget Josi (J. Lima Planner) giving me support and strength in helping me plan.

My dress?

Wonderful, all pearl and crystal encrusted (purchased in the US, David's Bridal, completely restyled, can you believe it?!?!) and it was a total success: I looked amazing; I couldn’t stop smiling all the time!

My bouquet? (J. Lima Inspiration)

It was a total dream and I cried a little when I saw it: cascading pink tea roses, and as it had to be, totally encrusted with the pearls I absolutely love, created for fresh flower use from the States, because I couldn’t find that in my city. I had, as a break from the traditional Brazilian wedding, adult bridesmaids, which I loved. J. Lima gave me the proper advice as to how I should format my wedding in the American Style. Each of my bridesmaids (my beloved nieces) participated in the ceremony, making it a very emotional event.

Thank you, my dear friend!

Joao Wesley & Luzia Amelia

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