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Purple Dreams

When I had spoken to Josi (JLima Weddings) she showed me a diversification of weddings: American, Portuguese, Hebrew, Hispanic, Italians, Greek, etc… I was in awe with all that I had seen and all the possibilities of what could have been done on my big day, as well as having the benefits of the economic finances in the US, with the dollar being low in my country. I went to the US with assistance and accompaniment. It was a luxury! I had scheduled meetings at stores which specialized in wedding dresses of the best caliber in the world! I purchased a magnificent Spaniard dress Manoel Motta Pronovias (at the rental price in Brazil), and with the money left over I was able to purchase the little things needed for my new home with my husband. Also, I had direct access to the Internet at all times I was there, so I was able to speak with my fiancée and my mother any time I wished. It was excellent having that kind of support, as I felt I was so close to home everyday.

Thank You, J. Lima Weddings!

Thalita and Saulo Vitoria, ES Brazil

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