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Bethesda Fountain, Central Park - NY

& Brasilia - DF

The Bride is wearing Allure, photographed by Rafael Ohana Weddings.

I decided to publish the bride's own words in this post (translated):

"The Bridal Preview is normally something very awaited by every future bride, and with me, that was no exception.

My fiancé proposed in March 2017, and since then, I had started to think about all the planning and preparations, the guests, the venue, the day of...but with the same emotion and anxiety, I thought, "What about the preview?"

I contacted J.Lima to talk about planning my wedding, being my personal stylist not only for me but for my fiancé, and during the first meeting, the idea arose, "what do you think about having your preview session in New York?"

At first, I laughed, thinking it was too much to ask, but after months passed, things were moving and shaking so fast that when I blinked, I was there. That's right - my preview session was a gift from God, IN New York City!

We stayed at the Hyatt Grand Central, and during the photo shoot, dressed as a bride, I was congratulated by all who saw me. I was euphoric, thrilled and that sensation was indescribable. Everything was gorgeous! Every snap, every smile, every cell phone and digital camera pointed at me...that's right! I was a mini-celebrity that day! People were amazed by my photo shoot, wanting to register what was happening and I was even more amazed, because my anxiety melted away into fascination, happiness, and the realization of a dream that was bigger than anything I'd ever dreamed.

Everything was magical - the trip, the photo session at Times Square, Grand Central Station and Central Park.

My dress was wonderful, my bouquet stunning, and everything organized with so much zeal and good taste.

Thank you J. Lima for caring so much, for the amazing work, and Rafael Ohana, for my BEAUTIFUL photos!! You guys killed it!!

Meu vestido maravilhoso, um buquê deslumbrante, tudo organizado com muito zelo e bom gosto.

God makes dreams come true? NO! He makes more than that come true, He knows exactly what we wish for and so much more - He's a specialist in making us happy!

Marcy Serra

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