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Diamonds, Emeralds, and Pronovias - Chamira

"I had an idea what I wanted to wear..."

Brasilia, DF

Even if someone says they hadn't thought of that, whenever we begin our consults, we discover intimate thoughts, wishes, desires and the most specific dreams of what our clients would like to wear on their big day. It's quite the research, love, and partnership, and thanks to Stella Guerra, for making our 'Something Borrowed' with brilliant diamonds and emeralds from her artful bridal collection, STELLA GUERRA JOIAS.

We also felt very grateful and emotional from words by Ruth Germana:

"The best service we hired for our wedding! Not only was my altar enchanting, a beautiful 'ready day' fit for a princess, but also the meeting of people I will forever keep in my heart and prayers. I LOVE Jessica, Iza, and you, Josi! My Fairy Godmothers!"

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